Stop by and play over 20 games ranging from the 50’s to the latest releases. Located in the heart of Gordon Square, Superelectric is a great addition to a fun night out! The Arts District showcases a variety of activities. Live theatre and film along with a blooming restaurant and retail presence make a trip to the west side of town well worth your time and quarters. Be on the lookout for updates on tournaments, league play, and special events happening with us and the community. If you have any questions or comments feel free to send us an email at SUPERELECTRICPINBALLPARLOR@GMAIL and we will be happy to answer them.


Superelectric remains closed due to COVID-19. We miss you all, but our top priority is being able to provide a Super safe atmosphere for our guests. We plan to stay closed for the next month or two, while we continue to take time getting the parlor extra clean and monitor the ongoing situation. We hope to have our doors open later this summer, and we’ll let you know as soon as we can say when that will be. We’re looking forward to having you back playing pinball and having a good time soon!


Stranger Things,  Stern 2019

DeadPool, Stern 2018

Whirlwind, Williams 1992

Dr. Who, Bally  1992

Road Show, Williams 1994

Fish Tales, Williams 1992

Taxi, Williams 1988

The Getaway, Williams 1992

Black Knight 2000, Williams 1989

BMX, Bally 1982

Future Spa, Bally 1979

Paragon, Bally 1979

Frontier, Bally 1980

Stars, Stern 1978

Night Rider, Bally 1977

Yukon, Williams 1971

Official Member of The Stern Army!