Superelectric Pinball Parlor

 Mon-CLOSED Tues -Thurs 12-11PM Fri-Sat 12-1AM Sun 12-8PM


Superelectric Pinball Parlor has opened its doors. Stop by and play over 20 games ranging from the 50’s to the latest releases. Located in the heart of Gordon Square, Superelectric is a great addition to a fun night out! The Arts District showcases a variety of activities. Live theatre and film along with a blooming restaurant and retail presence make a trip to the west side of town well worth your time and quarters. Be on the lookout for updates on tournaments, league play, and special events happening with us and the community. If you have any questions or comments feel free to send us an email at SUPERELECTRICPINBALLPARLOR@GMAIL and we will be happy to answer them… unless they are really hard questions involving astrophysics.



The goal of Superelectric Pinball Parlor is to create a forum where pinball machines and the artwork related to them can be enjoyed and shared with the whole community. Superelectric has acquired and restored over 80 vintage games and will continue the process of preserving these special pieces of Americana for people to enjoy.



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Stern Ghostbusters 2016

Ghostbusters, Stern 2016

AirBorne, CAPCOM 1995

Twilight Zone, Bally 1993

Dungeons & Dragons, Bally 1987

Bad Cats, Williams 1989

Future Spa, Bally 1979

Flash Gordon, Bally 1981

Pinball Pool, Gottlieb 1979


Bally Night Rider 1976

Austin Powers, Stern 1991

The Getaway, Williams 1992

Judge Dredd, Bally 1993

2001,Gottlieb 1971

Vector, Bally 1981

Eight Ball Deluxe, Bally 1981

Apollo, Williams 1967

Fire Power, Williams 1980

Jungle Queen, Gottlieb 1977

Dragon, Interflip 1977


Public Party reservations and group token packages are available at various levels during all business hours. Outside beverage restrictions apply to public reservations.partypiccopy


$35 Package: 6-10 person party, $5 in tokens for all guests, reserved seating and tables for your party.


$50 Package: 10-15 person party, $5 in tokens for all guests, reserved seating and tables for your party.


$75 Package: 15-20 person party, $5 in tokens for all guests, reserved seating and tables for your party.


$100 Package: 20-25 person party, $5 in tokens for all guests, reserved seating and tables for your party.

Due to our increased foot traffic on the weekends the parlor can only be reserved for public parties.  

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Private Rentals are $150 an hour and include free play on all of the machines. Catering and outside beverages are allowed during private rentals. Maximum guests: 60 PRIVATE PARTY SCHEDULE: Monday-Thursday and after 6pm on Sundays. 


For that special Pinballer in your life.

  • Get ready to experience Dads Den at The New Superelectric Pinball Parlor. img_0810If you got stuff laying around that you think would look sweet in DADS DEN we’ll give you Tokens! WE LOVE TAXIDERMY and 45s for the Juke Box. We can’t forget to mention the dinosaur collection we’re amassing! Send us a picture of the object or just bring it down to the parlor. We’re also trying to start up a Dads Den Photo Album, so if you have any pictures of your dad doing something pretty sweet ( Mowing The Lawn, Catching a Fish, or just a picture of his rad TransAm. Make a copy and bring it down to the parlor.