1947 Rare Gottlieb Maise -Vintage Woodrail Pinball Machine W/ Backbox Light Animation

We’ll take your tired old game and give it new life. We can restore backglasses, restencil cabinet art, touch up and clear coat playfields.We’ll come troubleshoot any problems with your pinball machine. Clean and replace parts as needed as well as repair issues with your circuit boards if necessary.  Contact us at

Ditty by David

Getting The Games Ready

In an interview recently I was asked “What goes into the restoration you guys do?”. The answer is it depends on the game. All pinball machines deserve a good cleaning and a tune up on the mechanics. Some games are really special and deserve a top to bottom restore. As pinball players and artists we try to pick out those games that have excellent gameplay and great art. Those are the games we will have in the new location and here are some pics of us getting the games ready for everyone to enjoy.


This “special” version of Yukon was intended for sale in Italy. Williams made changes to the playfield layout and changed the slot machine symbols on the playfield reels to numbers because slot machines were illegal in Italy at the time. The art and colors of the playfield, backglass, and cabinet all work really well together. On top of looking good the gameplay is excellent!Yukon Restoration Photos
In addition to cleaning, touching up, and clearcoating the playfield we remade the backglass for Yukon. The original glass had a large crack in it and also was flaking in many areas.

We are also working on a Gottlieb – King of Diamonds. Unfortunately this one had a really bad touch up job that we had to sand off. After a light clearcoat we will be doing a full playfield overlay.screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-5-47-32-pm