CPL Member Interview

Candy Freed and Noah Freed-Fundak

Interview by Rob Townsend

Noah, why do you like pinball and what’s your favorite machine?
Noah: It’s fun. My favorite machines are Funhouse and Dialed In. I like them because they’re both fast and hard to play.
My least favorite machine is Jungle Queen. It’s boring but also, my Mom always beats me on it. A game’s too easy when your mother can beat you on it.I like playing with my mom, but only when I beat her.
Candy: Which is 75 percent of the time.
Noah: I also like the machines that save your ball if you drain it too quickly; they give you a second chance.

Mom, why do you like pinball and what are your favorite machines?
Candy: Pinball reminds me of when I was a kid; a friend had a machine at her house. I don’t remember which one it was, but it had a Viking lady on the backglass. We’d play it all the time. …a friend had one…had a Viking lady on it…we’d play all the time.
I like the older machines like Jungle Queen (sorry, Noah) and Cyclone. I love the sounds of the old machines when the ball would hit the bumpers. In fact, that’s the sound of my phone’s ringtone. andFunhouse.
I also love Funhouse, another older machine. There is a talking ventriloquist dummy’s head inside whose name is Rudy. Rudy is going to be my costume for the CPL Halloween party this year. For me, pinball is a combination of chance and skill. Sometimes when you think you’re not any good, you surprise yourself with a great score.

What do you like about adding Sunday afternoons to the CPL this season?
Noah: I like playing on weeknights because I get to stay up late.
Mom: Sundays are better. We’ll all be more relaxed. I won’t have to rush dinner to get to League on time then race home and get the Noah to bed. This is going to be our fifth season playing together and I’m really excited about Sunday afternoon play. CPL has been so welcoming. Everyone is really helpful and encouraging no matter how well you play.

Candy and Noah
Cleveland Pinball League