Kitchen / Bar

Veggie Spring Rolls and our Crispy Fried Chicken!

The Snack Bar at Superelectric Pinball Parlor is now open! Play some pin while you enjoy fried chicken and veggie spring rolls. Our chicken drumsticks are lightly dusted with rice flour and potato starch, then twice fried to create the crispiest bite possible. Get your chicken tossed in either soy ginger, sweet chili garlic, or a 50/50 of the two, or try a side of our tangy lemon aioli. All meals come with a side of pickled daikon radish and either mild or spicy coleslaw. For an extra treat, grab an ice cold slushie, or an assortment of mochi ice cream!

New Cocktails!

  • Don’t be a sucker, wrap your tentacles around an Orbiter 1, made with Kraken rum, ginger beer, blackberry shrub and a fresh berry!



Weekly Specials!

Located in the Heart of Gordon Square!

6500 Detroit Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44102